How We Work

Prior to Registering for any class here at KnightWatch K9, it is a requirement to do a Meet and Greet with us. 

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       Why do we put so much emphasis on "meet and greets?"

Why do we discuss so much on how to choose a trainer and finding the right trainer for you?

             Well...very recently, I was talking to one of our trainers here at KnightWatch K9 and this exact subject came up. They were telling me how they were reading on a facebook page a vent from someone that had done a board and train with their dog. At the end of the board and train, they went to pick up their dog and found bumps on its neck and red marks. They became very concerned and asked the trainer they were working with, what the bumps were. The trainer told them not to worry, it was from the e collar. The trainer, then explained their training methods which included using an e collar. The client had no idea prior to dropping the dog off for its board and train, that this trainer used an e collar. This client was very against any e collar use.

    The above situation could have been prevented, had the trainer insisted on doing a "meet and greet." In which the client would have learned which methods this particular trainer used.

    Prior to using any trainer, please, insist on doing a meet and greet and then before signing up for any classes, give it a night to think on. Never let anyone rush you into signing up for any training. Don't just settle for one meet and greet, with only one trainer. Check out all the trainers in your area-you will be surprised by how much you will learn in just a meet and greet! Ask questions, lots and lots of questions. Find out what methods they use. Ask to see their demo dog. If they cannot provide you with at least one dog they have trained, how can they train your dog?

     Make sure you feel comfortable with this trainer and feel an open line of communication. If you feel too intimidated by their personality to ask questions, they may not be a right fit for you.
I always encourage to find someone that you feel comfortable asking questions to and find easy to communicate with. Make sure it is a fun, positive, learning environment.

     Lastly, during the meet and greet, make sure they understand any and all behavioral issues you need help with, your short and long term goals with your dog and any additional training needs you have.

     The job of any trainer is to prepare you for when the six week class is over. Their job is to instill confidence in your ability to train your dog and to have given you the ability to problem solve beyond the six week class. You should be given the tools to walk in confidence with your dog. Knowing you walk this journey as one with your dog, at a much higher level of communication and with a deeper bond, than when you started.